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Globe Theatre, (10/06/1924 - 3/14/1925)

Opening Date: Oct 06, 1924
Closing Date: Mar 14, 1925
Total Performances: 184

Category: Musical, Revue, Original, Broadway
Description: A revue in two acts

Opening Night Production Staff

Produced by Ed Wynn; Produced under the direction of Abraham L. Erlanger

Music by Ed Wynn; Book by Ed Wynn; Lyrics by Ed Wynn; Musical Director: Max Steiner; Additional lyrics by Harry Pease, Edward G. Nelson, Cliff Friend, Ned Wever, Alfred Nathan, Mel Stitzel and Art Kassel; Additional music by Harry Pease, Edward G. Nelson, Ned Wever, Alfred Nathan, Mel Stitzel, Art Kassel and Walter Donaldson

Staged by Julian Mitchell and Ed Wynn

Costume Design by Alice O'Neil, Charles LeMaire and Mabel E. Johnston; Scenic Design by John Wenger

Opening Night Cast

Janet Adair
Kay Annis
Francis Bell
Jean Castleton
Virginia Clark
Delphine Deery
William Earl
Marion Fairbanks
Margaret Ferguson
Ed Fields
Betty Garson
Maerena Grady
Aileen Hamilton
Virginia Kelley
Fraun Koski
The Le Grohs
Samuel Lee
Harriet Marned
Frieda Marr
Marion Meuller
Alfred Nathan
Tom Nip
Bee O'Quinn
Ormond Sisters
Florence Parker
Gladys Pender
Virginia Ray
Phyllis Reynolds
Ralph Riggs
Joseph Schrode
Susanne Shard
Albert Shaw
Trixie Shevlin
Mildred Sinclair
Bee Singer
Sybil Stuart
Violet Vale
Janet Velie
Jay Velie
Volga Boys
Gertrude Walker
Winthrop Wayne
Ned Wever
Katherine Witchie
Ed Wynn


music by Ed Wynn; lyrics by Ed Wynn
(Unless otherwise noted)

A Chorus Girl's Song
The Heart of My Rose
Sing Sweet Juanita
The Pal That I Loved Stole the Gal That I Loved
(music by Harry Pease and Edward G. Nelson; lyrics by Harry Pease and Edward G. Nelson )
Let It Rain! Let It Pour! (I'll Be In Virginia in the Morning)
(music by Walter Donaldson; lyrics by Cliff Friend )
Doodle Doo Doo
(music by Art Kassel and Mel Stitzel; lyrics by Art Kassel and Mel Stitzel )
Annie Laurie Rag (What Did Annie Laurie Promise?)
(music by Ned Wever, Alfred Nathan and Ed Wynn; lyrics by Ned Wever, Alfred Nathan and Ed Wynn )
Volga Boat Song
Ballet of the North Wind
The Moth for My Flames
The Grab Bag
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