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Globe Theatre, (12/25/1915 - 3/25/1916)

Opening Date: Dec 25, 1915
Closing Date: Mar 25, 1916
Total Performances: 105

Category: Musical, Comedy, Original, Broadway
Description: A musical in three acts and eight scenes
Setting: At the Costumer's, the railroad station, the Big Shop musical department, Honolulu, Waikiki, and the 'All NIght' club

Opening Night Production Staff

Produced by Charles Dillingham

Book by Harry B. Smith; Music by Irving Berlin; Lyrics by Irving Berlin; Additional music by Henry Kailimai and Jack Alau; Additional lyrics by G. H. Stover and Sylvester Kalama; Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler; Musical Director: Robert Hood Bowers

Staged by R.H. Burnside

Costume Design by Robert McQuinn; Scenic Design by Robert McQuinn

Opening Night Cast

James K AhloyEnsemble
Helen BarnesLotta Nichols
Julia BeaubienHelen Winter
Grace BeaumontAn Irish Girl
Claire BertrandA Country Girl
Neil BertrandEnsemble
Dan BryantEnsemble
Rose BurnsEnsemble
Henry N. ClarkHawaiian Octette
Mae ClarkEnsemble
Dorothy CliffordEnsemble
Evelyn ConwayAutumn
Kathleen CullenEnsemble
James CurranSteward
Lola CurtisEnsemble
Madeleine DareEnsemble
Dorothy DavenportEnsemble
Marion DaviesSummer
Gaby DeslysGaby
Harland DixonFrank Steele
James DoyleRob Ayers
William DunnEnsemble
Helen EllsworthPage Boy
Sam FinebergEnsemble
Harry FoxAbel Connor
Eva Francis
Warner GaultEnsemble
Frank GillespieEnsemble
Herbert GoffEnsemble
Ken GriffinEnsemble
Fifi HanswirthEnsemble
Flo HartMay Knott
Charles HartmannEnsemble
David HeilbrunnEnsemble
Carolyn HeinzEnsemble
Cliff HessEnsemble
Leo HoweEnsemble
Roy HoyerEnsemble
James IiHawaiian Octette
Justine JohnstoneMary Singer
Robert KaawaHawaiian Octette
Al KalaniHawaiian Octette
James I. KamakaniHawaiian Octette
Franz KellarEnsemble
R. KuahaHawaiian Octette
Frank LalorGideon Gay
Flo LawlorEnsemble
Evelyn LeRoyEnsemble
Rose LeslieEnsemble
Elsie LewisEnsemble
Hazel LewisWinter
Katherine MackEnsemble
William MackEnsemble
Kitty MahoneyEnsemble
Dan C. MakaenaHawaiian Octette
Cecile MarkleEnsemble
Harry McMastersEnsemble
Clyde MillerEnsemble
E. K. MillerHawaiian Octette
Florence MorrisonMrs. Singer
Phyllis MundayEnsemble
Julie NewellEnsemble
William NollEnsemble
Olga OlonovaIona Carr
Eileen PercyEnsemble
Harry PilcerAnthony St. Anthony
Tot QualtersNora Marks
Bobbie ReedEnsemble
An Italian Girl
Lillian RiceA Flower Girl
Henry SantleyEnsemble
Joseph SantleyVan Cortland Parke
Blossom SeeleyLilla Kiliana
Iva ShererEnsemble
Renee SmytheGladys Canby
Eleanor St. ClairSpring
Jack StanleyEnsemble
Anna StoneEnsemble
Salvation Sal
Marion SunshineVera Gay
Ethel SykesCarrie Waite
Florence TempestWillie Chase
Charles L. TuckerViolinist
Harry ValeEnsemble
Effie WheelerEnsemble
Grace WilliamsEnsemble
Walter WillsOwen Coyne
Kathryn WilsonEnsemble
Trixie WilsonEnsemble


music by Irving Berlin; lyrics by Irving Berlin
(Unless otherwise noted)

ACT 1 Sung By
Blow Your HornOwen Coyne and Girls
Give Us a ChanceGaby and Girls
I Love to DanceGaby, Anthony St. Anthony and Chorus
And Father Wanted Me to Learn a TradeAbel Connor
The Girl on the MagazineVan Cortland Parke and Magazine Girls (4 Seasons)
I Love a PianoAbel Connor and Ensemble
ACT 2 Sung By
The Hula Hula (That Hula Hula)Ensemble
A Pair of Ordinary CoonsRob Ayers and Frank Steele
When I'm Out With YouGaby, Van Cortland Parke and Ensemble
On the Beach at Waiki-ki
(music by Henry Kailimai; lyrics by G. H. Stover )
Hawaiian Octette
(music by Jack Alau; lyrics by Sylvester Kalama )
Hawaiian Octette
Take Off a Little BitGaby and Girls
Teach Me How to LoveWillie Chase and Vera Gay
The Law Must Be ObeyedRob Ayers and Frank Steele
Ragtime MelodramaPrincipals and Ensemble
ACT 3 Sung By
When I Get Back to the U.S.A.Van Cortland Parke and Ensemble
Stop! Look! Listen!Owen Coyne, Gideon Gay, Rob Ayers, Frank Steele, Abel Connor and Van Cortland Parke
I'll Be Coming Home with a Skate OnAnthony St. Anthony
Everything in America Is RagtimeGaby
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