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Majestic Theatre, (7/27/1933 - 8/05/1933)

Opening Date: Jul 27, 1933
Closing Date: Aug 05, 1933
Total Performances: 11

Category: Musical, Comedy, Opera, Revival, Broadway
Description: An opera in three acts
Setting: Ch√Ęteau of Count Arnheim; On the Road to the Gypsies' Encampment; The Encampment; Road to the Fair;

Opening Night Production Staff

Produced by Milton Aborn

Music by Michael Balfe

Staged by Milton Aborn; Choreographed by Albertina Rasch

Opening Night Cast

Ruth AltmanArline
Marie BardQueen of the Gypsies
Frances BavielloBuda
Roy CropperThaddeus
Maurice LavigneFlorestein
Detmar PoppenDevilshoof
Patricia RoeLittle Arline
Norman Van EmburghCaptain of the Guard
Allen WaterousCount Arnheim
John WillardMajor Domo
Hobson YoungA Gypsy


music by Michael William Balfe; lyrics by Alfred Bunn

ACT 1 Sung By
Up with the BannerChorus
A soldier's lifeCount Arnheim
Without FriendsThaddeus
'Tis sad to leave our fatherlandThaddeus
In the gipsy's life you readGipsies
Comrade, your handsThaddeus and Devilshoof
Is no succour near at hand?Florestein
What means this alarm?Thaddeus
Down with the daring slaveThaddeus, Devilshoof, Count Arnheim, Florestein and Chorus
What sounds break on the earChorus
Thou in might supreme
Follow, follow
ACT 2 Sung By
Silence, Silence! The lady moonQueen of the Gypsies, Florestein, Devilshoof and Gipsies
I dreamt I dwelt in marble hallsArline
The wound upon thine armArline and Thaddeus
What is the spell hath yet effacedArline
Listen, while I relate the hope of a gipsy's fateArline, Queen of the Gypsies, Devilshoof and Thaddeus
In the gipsy's life you read (Reprise) Gipsies
'Tis gone- the past was all a dreamQueen of the Gypsies
This is thy deedQueen of the Gypsies and Thaddeus
In the gipsies' life/ Come with the gipsy brideChorus and Arline
Life itself is at the bestChorus
From the Valleys and HillsArline and Queen of the Gypsies
Sir Knight and Lady, ListenArline
Shame! Shame!Principals and Chorus
The heart bow'd downCount Arnheim
Hold! Hold!Arline, Count Arnheim and Florestein
ACT 3 Sung By
The past appears to me but a dreamArline
Then you'll remember meThaddeus
Through the world thou wilt fly, loveArline, Thaddeus and Devilshoof
Welcome the presentArline, Queen of the Gypsies, Florestein and Count Arnheim
Though every hope be fledArline, Queen of the Gypsies, Thaddeus, Florestein and Count Arnheim
See at your feet a suppliant oneArline
When the fair land of PolandThaddeus
Pity for one in childhood tornThaddeus
The feuds of a nation's strifeCount Arnheim
Let not the soul for sorrows grieveArline, Thaddeus and Count Arnheim
Oh, what full delightArline and Chorus
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