Belasco Theatre, (8/13/2018 - 9/16/2018)

First Preview: Jul 19, 2018
Opening Date: Aug 13, 2018
Closing Date: Sep 16, 2018
Total Previews: 30
Total Performances: 40

Category: Musical, Comedy, Original, Broadway
Setting: New York City and Sayreville, NJ

Opening Night Production Staff

Theatre Owned / Operated by The Shubert Organization (Philip J. Smith: Chairman; Robert E. Wankel: President)

Produced by Ken Davenport, Hunter Arnold, Roy Putrino, Scott Abrams, Diego Kolankowsky, Rob Kolson, Sandi Moran, Carl Daikeler, Broadway Strategic Return Fund, Radical ARS Productions, H. Richard Hopper, Marie Barton Stevenson, Richard Roth, Brian Cromwell Smith, Marguerite Hoffman, NETworks Presentations, Gary Nelson, Darrell Hankey/Trevor Coats/Ladybug Productions, Jim Wagstaffe/Laura Z. Barket/Tamar Tolchin, Witzend Productions/David Bryant/Drowos Sunshine, Judith Manocherian/John McGrain/Steve Reynolds, The Harbert Family/Keith Cromwell/Red Mountain Theatre Company, Douglas K. Atamian/Rich Battista/Gitta Jacobs, Frederic J. Siegel/BF Investments/Sean Attebury, Dr. Mojgan Fajiram/Pourrat Monahemi/Grossman-Palamara Productions and The Town of Sayreville, New Jersey; Associate Producer: Kayla Greenspan and Valerie Novakoff

Book by The Grundleshotz and Ken Davenport; Music by Mark Allen; Lyrics by Mark Allen; Additional material: Sarah Saltzberg; Orchestrations: Doug Katsaros and Sonny Paladino; Vocal arrangements by Sonny Paladino and Mark Allen; Music Direction, Incidental Music, and Dance Arrangements Sonny Paladino

Directed by John Rando; Choreographed by Chris Bailey; Associate Director: Dan Barron; Associate Choreographer: Beth Crandall

Scenic Design by Derek McLane; Costume Design by Emily Rebholz; Lighting Design by Ken Billington; Sound Design by John Shivers; Hair and Wig Design by J. Jared Janas; Makeup Design by J. Jared Janas; Associate Scenic Design: Adam Karavatakis; Associate Costume Design: Steven Rotramel; Associate Lighting Design: Aaron Porter; Associate Sound Design: Kevin Kennedy and David Patridge; Associate Hair Design: Brittany Hartman; Associate Makeup Design: Brittany Hartman

General Manager: DTE Management and Ryan Conway; Company Manager: Margaret Skoglund ; Associate Gen. Mgr: Robert E. Schneider

Production Manager: Juniper Street Productions; Production Stage Manager: James Harker; Stage Manager: Cherie B. Tay and Kelly A. Martindale

Musical Coordinator: John Miller; Conducted by Sonny Paladino; Associate Conductor: Kevin Ramessar; Guitars: Aurélien Budynek, Justin Rothberg and Kevin Ramessar; Bass: Winston Roye; Drums/Percussion: Joe Bergamini; Keyboards: Sonny Paladino and Kevin Ramessar; Music Copyist: Mike Casteel Music Service

Casting: Eisenberg/Beans Casting, Daryl Eisenberg, CSA and Ally Beans, CSA; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Advertising/Marketing AKA NYC; Digital Advertising & Interactive Arthouse; Additional Marketing: DTE Agency; Dance Captain: Jenny Hill; Fight Captain: Scott Richard Foster; Photographer: Joan Marcus

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Opening Night Cast

Mitchell JarvisMitch Papadopolous
Kelli BarrettDani Franco
Marilu HennerSharon Papadopolous
Jay KlaitzBart Vickers
Becca Kötte
Broadway debut
Tawney Truebody
Garth KravitsRitchie Lorenzo
Tamika LawrenceRoxanne Velasco
Manu NarayanRummesh 'Robbie' Patel
Sawyer NunesRicky Bling
Noa Solorio
Broadway debut
Billie Franco
Paul WhittySully Sullivan
Brandon Williams
Broadway debut
Tygen Billows
Ryan DuncanEnsemble
Nehal JoshiEnsemble
J. Elaine MarcosEnsemble
Rob MarnellEnsemble
Jasmin Richardson
Broadway debut
Tad WilsonEnsemble

Swings: Lindsey Brett Carothers, Scott Richard Foster, Jenny Hill and Ian Ward

Understudies: Lindsey Brett Carothers (Billie Franco), Scott Richard Foster (Bart Vickers, Ritchie Lorenzo, Tygen Billows), Jenny Hill (Dani Franco, Sharon Papadopolous), Nehal Joshi (Rummesh 'Robbie' Patel), Becca Kötte (Dani Franco), Rob Marnell (Mitch Papadopolous, Sully Sullivan), Jasmin Richardson (Roxanne Velasco) and Ian Ward (Ricky Bling)


music by Mark Allen; lyrics by Mark Allen

ACT 1 Sung By
JerseyMitch Papadopolous and Company
How Does Your Mouthfeel?Tygen Billows and Mouthfeel
One of Those GuysMitch Papadopolous and Company
Jersey (Reprise) Tygen Billows and Mouthfeel
Gettin' the Band Back TogetherMitch Papadopolous, Bart Vickers, Sully Sullivan, Rummesh 'Robbie' Patel and Company
Find the OneRummesh 'Robbie' Patel, Juggernaut and Company
Best Day of My LifeMitch Papadopolous, Dani Franco and Company
WWJDSharon Papadopolous, Juggernaut and Company
ACT 2 Sung By
Hava NagilaRicky Bling and Company
Second ChancesNick Styler
I Just Want RealDani Franco
Life Without ParoleSully Sullivan and Company
Battle of Your LifeRoxanne Velasco, Juggernaut, Mouthfeel and Company
Bart's ConfessionBart Vickers
Best Band in the WorldMouthfeel
One of Those Guys (Reprise) Mitch Papadopolous
Do OverMitch Papadopolous and Company
Jersey (Reprise) Mitch Papadopolous and Company

Replacement/Transfer Info

The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Belasco Theatre

(8/13/2018 - 9/16/2018)
Electronic Music Programmer: Jeff Marder.


Lindsey Brett Carothers
Ryan Duncan
Drama Teacher/Mouthfeel Mate/Nick Styler
Scott Richard Foster
Nehal Joshi
Dr. Patel
Garth Kravits
Tamika Lawrence
J. Elaine Marcos
Grouchy Grandma
Rob Marnell
Sergeant Sullivan/Battle Announcer
Sawyer Nunes
Young Businessman/Newspaper Kid
Jasmin Richardson
Real Jersey Housewife
Noa Solorio
Tad Wilson
Drunk Guy

Understudies: Lindsey Brett Carothers (Tawney Truebody), Ryan Duncan (Dr. Patel), Scott Richard Foster (Drama Teacher/Mouthfeel Mate/Nick Styler, Drunk Guy, Mitch Papadopolous, Sergeant Sullivan/Battle Announcer, Sully Sullivan), J. Elaine Marcos (Tawney Truebody).

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