Palace Theatre, (12/29/2014 - 1/04/2015)

Opening Date: Dec 29, 2014
Closing Date: Jan 04, 2015
Total Performances: 7

Category: Special, Concert, Original, Broadway

Opening Night Production Staff

Theatre Owned / Operated by Stewart F. Lane, James M. Nederlander and James L. Nederlander

Presented by A Broadway Concert Event, Live Nation Entertainment, Robert Ahrens, Eva Price and Manny Kladitis

Musical Director: Mickenly Jackson (The Temptations)

Production Sound: Phillip Lojo

General Manager: Niko Companies

Technical Supervisor: Hillary Blanken and Guy Kwan; Production Supervisor: Fred Gallo; Production Manager: Juniper Street Productions, Jess Coble (The Temptations) and John Bowers (The Four Tops)

Guitar: Charles Williams (The Temptations); Keyboard: Victor Carstaphen (The Temptations); Bass Guitar: Kerry Turman (The Temptations); Drummer: Lance Lee (The Temptations)

Press Representative: Polk & Co.; Advertising: Serino Coyne

Opening Night Cast

The Four Tops
The Temptations
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