Broadway Theatre, (3/03/2013 - 1/03/2015)

First Preview: Jan 25, 2013
Opening Date: Mar 03, 2013
Closing Date: Jan 03, 2015
Total Previews: 41
Total Performances: 769

Category: Musical, Original, Broadway
Comments: Considered a "Revival" for the purposes of the Tony nominations in 2013.

Opening Night Production Staff

Theatre Owned / Operated by The Shubert Organization (Philip J. Smith: Chairman; Robert E. Wankel: President)

Produced by Robyn Goodman, Jill Furman, Stephen Kocis, Edward Walson, Venetian Glass Productions, The Araca Group, Luigi & Rose Caiola, Roy Furman, Walter Grossman, Peter May/Sanford Robertson, Glass Slipper Productions LLC/Eric Schmidt, Ted Liebowitz/James Spry and Blanket Fort Productions; Produced in association with Center Theatre Group (Michael Ritchie, Artistic Director; Edward L. Rada, Managing Director; Douglas C. Baker, Producing Director); Associate Producer: Charles Salameno

Music by Richard Rodgers; Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II; New Book by Douglas Carter Beane; Original Book by Oscar Hammerstein II; Music arranged by David Chase; Musical Director: Andy Einhorn; Music orchestrated by Danny Troob; Additional Orchestrations by Bill Elliott, Doug Besterman and Larry Hochman; Additional Lyrics by Douglas Carter Beane and David Chase

Directed by Mark Brokaw; Choreographed by Josh Rhodes; Associate Director: Gina Rattan; Associate Choreographer: Lee A. Wilkins

Scenic Design by Anna Louizos; Costume Design by William Ivey Long; Lighting Design by Kenneth Posner; Sound Design by Nevin Steinberg; Hair and Wig Design by Paul Huntley; Make-Up Design by Angelina Avallone; Associate Scenic Design: Hilary Noxon; Associate Costume Design: Tom Beall; Associate Lighting Design: John Viesta; Associate Sound Design: Jason Crystal; Associate Hair and Wig Design: Edward J. Wilson

General Manager: Richards / Climan, Inc.; Company Manager: Brig Berney

Production Stage Manager: Ira Mont; Stage Manager: Alexis Shorter; Technical Supervisor: Hudson Theatrical Associates

Music adapted by David Chase; Musical Supervisor: David Chase; Conducted by Andy Einhorn; Associate Conductor: Matt Perri; Keyboard: Matt Perri; Piccolo/Flute/Alto Flute: Katherine Fink; Oboe/English Horn: Lynne Cohen; Clarinet/E Flat Clarinet/Bass Clarinet: Jonathan Levine; Bassoon/Flute/Clarinet: Daniel Sullivan; French Horn: Adam Krauthamer and David Byrd-Marrow; Trumpet 1/Fugelhorn/Piccolo Trumpet: Dominic Derasse; Trumpet/Fugelhorn: Gareth Flowers; Trombone/Bass Trombone: John Allred; Percussion: Bill Hayes; Drums: Rich Rosenzweig; Concert Master: Emily Bruskin Yarbrough; Harp: Susan Jolles; Violin: Emily Bruskin Yarbrough, Lisa Matricardi, Maxim Moston and Mineko Yajima; Viola: JJ Johnson; Cello: Sarah Seiver; Bass: Mark Vanderpoel; Musical Coordinator: Howard Joines

Dance Captain: Drew Franklin; Fight direction by Thomas Schall; Casting: Cindy Tolan and Adam Caldwell; Press Representative: Sam Rudy Media Relations; Advertising: SPOTCo, Inc.; Interactive Marketing: Situation Interactive; Marketing and Promotions: SPOTCo, Inc.; Photographer: Carol Rosegg

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Opening Night Cast

Santino FontanaTopher
(Jan 25, 2013 - Jan 26, 2014)
Laura OsnesElla
(Jan 25, 2013 - Jan 26, 2014)
Peter BartlettSebastian
The Prime Minister
Victoria ClarkMarie
The Fairy Godmother
(Jan 25, 2013 - Sep 05, 2013)
Ann HaradaCharlotte
Harriet HarrisMadame
(Jan 25, 2013 - Jan 26, 2014)
Greg HildrethJean-Michel
(Jan 25, 2013 - Jan 26, 2014)
Marla MindelleGabrielle
(Jan 25, 2013 - Jan 26, 2014)
Phumzile SojolaLord Pinkleton
Jill AbramovitzEnsemble
Lady of Ridicule
Kristine BendulEnsemble
Heidi GibersonEnsemble
Stephanie GibsonEnsemble
Shonica GoodenEnsemble
Kendal HartseEnsemble
Robert HartwellEnsemble
Laura IrionEnsemble
Andy JonesEnsemble
Andy MillsFootman
Linda MuglestonEnsemble
Peter NelsonWoodland Creature
Nick SpanglerEnsemble
Cody WilliamsDriver
Branch WoodmanEnsemble
Kevin WorleyEnsemble

Swings: Drew Franklin, Adam Jepsen, Alessa Neeck and Kirstin Tucker

Understudies: Jill Abramovitz (Madame, Marie), Drew Franklin (Driver, Footman, Woodland Creature), Heidi Giberson (Ella), Stephanie Gibson (Charlotte, Gabrielle), Kendal Hartse (Gabrielle), Laura Irion (Charlotte), Adam Jepsen (Driver, Footman, Woodland Creature), Andy Jones (Topher), Linda Mugleston (Madame, Marie), Alessa Neeck (Ella, Fox, Lady of Ridicule, Raccoon), Phumzile Sojola (Sebastian), Nick Spangler (Topher), Kirstin Tucker (Fox, Lady of Ridicule, Raccoon), Cody Williams (Jean-Michel, Topher), Branch Woodman (Lord Pinkleton, Sebastian) and Kevin Worley (Jean-Michel, Lord Pinkleton)

Awards and Nominations

Tony Award®

 2013 Best Book of a Musical [nominee] 

Book by Douglas Carter Beane

 2013 Best Revival of a Musical [nominee] 

Produced by Robyn Goodman, Jill Furman, Stephen Kocis, Edward Walson, Venetian Glass Productions, The Araca Group, Luigi & Rose Caiola, Roy Furman, Walter Grossman, Peter May/Sanford Robertson, Glass Slipper Productions LLC/Eric Schmidt, Ted Liebowitz/James Spry and Blanket Fort Productions; Produced in association with Center Theatre Group (Michael Ritchie, Artistic Director; Edward L. Rada, Managing Director; Douglas C. Baker, Producing Director)

 2013 Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical [nominee] 

Santino Fontana

 2013 Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical [nominee] 

Laura Osnes

 2013 Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical [nominee] 

Victoria Clark

 2013 Best Orchestrations [nominee] 

Danny Troob

winner 2013 Best Costume Design of a Musical [winner] 

William Ivey Long

 2013 Best Lighting Design of a Musical [nominee] 

Kenneth Posner

 2013 Best Sound Design of a Musical [nominee] 

Sound Design by Nevin Steinberg

Drama Desk Award

 2013 Outstanding Revival of a Musical [nominee] 

Produced by Robyn Goodman, Jill Furman, Stephen Kocis, Edward Walson, Venetian Glass Productions, The Araca Group, Luigi & Rose Caiola, Roy Furman, Walter Grossman, Peter May/Sanford Robertson, Glass Slipper Productions LLC/Eric Schmidt, Ted Liebowitz/James Spry and Blanket Fort Productions; Produced in association with Center Theatre Group (Michael Ritchie, Artistic Director; Edward L. Rada, Managing Director; Douglas C. Baker, Producing Director)

winner 2013 Outstanding Actress in a Musical [winner] 

Laura Osnes

 2013 Outstanding Choreography [nominee] 

Josh Rhodes

winner 2013 Outstanding Orchestrations [winner] 

Danny Troob

winner 2013 Outstanding Costume Design [winner] 

William Ivey Long


ACT 1 Sung By
Me, Who Am I?Topher, Sebastian (The Prime Minister), Lord Pinkleton, Knights and Pages
In My Own Little CornerElla
Now Is the TimeJean-Michel
The Prince Is Giving a BallLord Pinkleton, Townspeople, Madame, Charlotte, Gabrielle, Ella and Marie (The Fairy Godmother)
Cinderella MarchOrchestra
In My Own Little Corner (Reprise) Ella and Marie (The Fairy Godmother)
Fol-De-RolMarie (The Fairy Godmother) and Ella
ImpossibleMarie (The Fairy Godmother) and Ella
It's PossibleMarie (The Fairy Godmother) and Ella
GavotteSebastian (The Prime Minister), Topher, Lord Pinkleton, Madame, Charlotte, Gabrielle and Lords & Ladies of the Court
Ten Minutes AgoTopher and Ella
Waltz for a BallOrchestra
Ten Minutes Ago (Reprise) Topher, Ella and Lords & Ladies of the Court
ACT 2 Sung By
Stepsister's LamentCharlotte and Ladies of the Court
The PursuitTopher, Lord Pinkleton, Lords of the Court, Pages, Ella, Footman and Driver
When You're Driving Through the MoonlightElla, Madame, Charlotte and Gabrielle
A Lovely NightElla, Madame, Charlotte and Gabrielle
A Lovely Night (Reprise) Ella and Gabrielle
Loneliness of EveningTopher and Ella
The Prince Is Giving a Ball (Reprise) Sebastian (The Prime Minister), Lord Pinkleton, Heralds and Madame
There's Music in YouMarie (The Fairy Godmother)
Now Is the Time (Reprise) Jean-Michel and Gabrielle
Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?Topher and Ella
Ten Minutes Ago (Reprise) Topher, Ella and The Company
FinaleMarie (The Fairy Godmother) and The Company


AP: "Broadway's new 'Cinderella' musical crackles with sweetness and freshness"

What’s this happening in Cinderella’s magical kingdom? Is that a challenge to absolute monarchy we hear amid the romance and dancing? My goodness, it is: There’s a demand for democracy. Children, there’s even a call for economic justice.

What kind of fairy tale is this?

In the hands of playwright Douglas Carter Beane, a quite fine one actually.

Beane, who wrote the books for “Xanadu,” ‘’Lysistrata Jones,” and “The Little Dog Laughed,” has had to be limber on this one: Keeping the elements of the classic story — those pumpkins and glass slippers need to be there — while making it relevant and not-too-twee for adults, too.

Beane has succeeded, proving he may be Cinderella’s real fairy godmother. His script crackles with sweetness and freshness, combining a little “Monty Python’s Spamalot” with some “Les Miserables.”

“Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella,” which opened Sunday at the Broadway Theatre, mixes songs from the Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II back catalog along with tunes they wrote for the original 1957 TV version of the story starring Julie Andrews.

The second half action sags a little as the creators try to shoehorn in as many songs as possible, but there’s no denying this charming, witty adaptation that uses puppetry, Josh Rhodes’ athletic choreography, lush William Ivey Long costumes that magically appear even when you’re looking hard, and dreamy music put together by David Chase and Andy Einhorn.

Director Mark Brokaw gets high marks for juggling a lot of dancing, special effects, heavy scenery and top-notch singing, all in service of a quirky, yet heart filled take on the classic story.

They’re helped by a first-rate cast, led by Laura Osnes, who one suspects was born to play a princess. She’s so naturally earnest and sweet than she barely has to act. Her last role on Broadway was as the murdering Bonnie Parker in the short-lived “Bonnie & Clyde,” so she deserves a “happily ever after” in a pair of Stuart Weitzman-designed sparkly pumps.

Victoria Clark as her fairy godmother is lovely and warm as always, even when swinging from rigging. Santino Fontana as the Prince seems to channel Steve Carell’s self-conscious goofiness, and Harriet Harris as Cinderella’s stepmother grasps avaricious very well indeed (”We are teetering precariously between upper-middle class and lower-upper class,” she complains to one daughter.)

Peter Bartlett as the prince’s officious mentor is splendid, and Ann Harada as one of the stepsisters has a fun time leading the prince’s castoffs in a rousing “The Stepsister’s Lament.” (”Why can’t a fellow ever once prefer/A usual girl like me?”)

Other sumptuous songs include “In My Own Little Corner,” ‘’Impossible/It’s Possible,” ‘’Ten Minutes Ago” and “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?” The orchestra is massive, matched by a huge cast.

Beane has taken so many liberties with the classic story that you may not always know where the story is going, a big feat for such a classic tale. In this “Cinderella,” the lead character is named Ella, kindness beats out ridicule, constitutional monarchy breaks out, and one of the evil stepsisters turns out not to be evil at all.

All the while, there are some classic Beane lines geared to the parents in the audience. “Why is there a pumpkin on the table?” the evil stepmother comments in one aside. “It makes no design sense.”

For the kids, there is pure magic. Cinderella’s gowns appear with the best Broadway sorcery, a fox and a raccoon become footmen, the horse-drawn carriage appears as if we were in a Vegas magic show and a giant tree monster is slayed.

One word of warning: Bring some extra cash. Tiaras in the gift shop were a hot seller at intermission. Some fairy tales, especially the ones on Broadway, get expensive.


New York Daily News: "Cinderella"

In storybook terms, Broadway’s overstuffed “Cinderella” isn’t exactly a happily ever after.

But there are reasons to embrace this new take on the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical.

Like the score.

The show features famous songs from the 1957 TV special starring Julie Andrews, including “Impossible” and “Ten Minutes Ago” as well as tunes from the 1997 redo with Brandy, such as the rousing “There’s Music in You.”

The songs are delicious and wonderfully performed.

William Ivey Long’s costumes are colorful and kicky and have surprises tucked up their sleeves.

It’s just too bad the wonderful Victoria Clark, who plays the fairy godmother, wears a gaudy getup with antennae that make her look like Mrs. Mothra.

Also tasty is Harriet Harris, who knows her way around nasty, as the wicked stepmother.

The show’s greatest assets are its stars. Laura Osnes and Santino Fontano are the cutest couple on Broadway.

Playing Cinderella, still in rags but now with a social conscience, and her boyish Prince Topher in this new take on the famous fairy-tale musical, these appealing young actors and singers have sparkly chemistry.

You feel it during the masked-ball scene as they gaze at each other across a crowded room.

It’s a heart-tugger of a moment.

It also takes way too long to get there.

Delicate glass slippers are the name of the game in “Cinderella” but this show, directed by Mark Brokaw (“Cry-Baby”), moves like it’s wearing lead overshoes.

Or cinder blocks.

Credit book writer Douglas Carter Beane (“Sister Act”), a talented and creative dramatist, who’s gone overboard.

His reimagined book is larded with subplots and repetitive plot strands. There’s not just a ball, but a banquet, too. Cinderella comes to both and has to hustle at the stroke of midnight.

It’s dramatic déjà vu. And one escape leads to a marathon chase that seems better suited to a musical version of “The Fugitive.”

Beane also has expanded secondary characters, including stepsisters Gabrielle (Marla Mindelle) and Charlotte (Ann Harada), who don’t really warrant the stage time.

He’s also tacked on political intrigue involving a revolutionary, Jean-Michel (Greg Hildreth), and a courtly creep, Sebastian (Peter Bartlett), who dupes the naive Topher. Who looks to a story about a pumpkin turning into a coach for consciousness-raising?

The social commentary, along with snarky quips that land about 50% of the time, feel at odds with a faux furry fox and raccoon that poke their noses out of trees and cottages on Anna Louizos’ elaborate set.

Overhauling a show can make it stronger and more fun. But these revisions just make “Cinderella” longer. If anyone knows that value of not overstaying one’s welcome, it’s this clock-watching heroine.

New York Daily News

Replacement/Transfer Info

The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Broadway Theatre

(3/3/2013 - 1/3/2015)
Musical Director: Constantine Kitsopoulos.

Assistant Director: Ryan Domres.

Assistant Co. Mgr: Holli Campbell.

Assistant Stage Mgr: Zac Chandler; Stage Manager: Zac Chandler; Assistant Stage Mgr: Jennifer N. Rogers.

French Horn: Aaron Korn; Conducted by Constantine Kitsopoulos; Assistant Conductor: Lawrence Goldberg; Oboe/English Horn: Laura Covey; French Horn: Eric Reed; Trombone/Bass Trombone: Mark Patterson; Violin: Shinwon Kim; Bass: Peter Donovan; Piccolo/Flute/Alto Flute: John Romeri; Clarinet/E Flat Clarinet/Bass Clarinet: Eric Weidman; Drums: Paul Pizzuti; Violin: Louise Owen; Bass: Michael Kuennen(Sep 30, 2014 - ?).

Dance Captain: Kirstin Tucker; Assistant Dance Captain: Brandon Leffler, Cody Davis.


Jill Abramovitz
Madame (Jan 28, 2014 - Feb 2, 2014)
Darius Barnes
Giovanni Bonaventura
Ensemble (Aug 12, 2014 - ?)
Todd Buonopane
Jean-Michel (Jan 28, 2014 - ?)
Michael Callahan
Driver (Aug 19, 2014 - ?)
Ensemble (Aug 19, 2014 - ?)
Raccoon (Aug 19, 2014 - ?)
Kristin Carbone
Joe Carroll
Topher (Jan 28, 2014 - ?)
Victoria Clark
The Fairy Godmother
(Jan 21, 2014 - Sep 11, 2014)
Kaitlyn Davidson
Ensemble (Jan 28, 2014 - ?)
Ella Alternate
Fran Drescher
Madame (Feb 4, 2014 - Jun 29, 2014)
Kim Fauré
Paige Faure
Ella (Jun 13, 2014 - Sep 7, 2014)
Leslie Donna Flesner
Lady of Ridicule
Stephanie Gibson
Gabrielle (Jan 28, 2014 - ?)
Tessa Grady
Jessica Hershberg
Ensemble (Jan 7, 2014 - ?)
Fox (Jan 7, 2014 - ?)
Ella Alternate
Laura Irion
Carly Rae Jepsen
Ella (Feb 4, 2014 - Jun 8, 2014)
Judy Kaye
The Fairy Godmother
(Sep 12, 2014 - Jan 3, 2015)
NeNe Leakes
Broadway debut
Madame (Nov 25, 2014 - Jan 3, 2015)
Sam Lips
Nathan Lucrezio
Woodland Creature
Ensemble (Jan 10, 2014 - ?)
Rebecca Luker
The Fairy Godmother
(Sep 6, 2013 - Jan 19, 2014)
Shina Ann Morris
Alessa Neeck
Ella (Jan 28, 2014 - Feb 2, 2014)
Ella Alternate
(Feb 4, 2014 - Feb 16, 2014)
Sarah O'Gleby
Nancy Opel
Madame (Jun 30, 2014 - Sep 7, 2014)
Keke Palmer
Broadway debut
Ella (Sep 9, 2014 - ?)
Jeff Pew
Ensemble (Jan 16, 2014 - ?)
Catherine Ricafort
Adam Rogers
Sean Ronayne
Ensemble (Aug 19, 2014 - ?)
Conor Ryan
Sherri Shepherd
Broadway debut
Madame (Sep 9, 2014 - Nov 23, 2014)
Cody Williams

Understudies: Callan Bergmann (Driver, Footman, Raccoon, Woodland Creature), Michael Callahan (Jean-Michel), Kristin Carbone (Madame, Marie), Kaitlyn Davidson (Ella, Gabrielle), Cody Davis (Driver, Footman, Raccoon), Kim Fauré (Ella, Gabrielle), Paige Faure (Charlotte), Leslie Donna Flesner (Fox, Lady of Ridicule, Raccoon), Tessa Grady (Ella, Fox), Kendal Hartse (Charlotte), Neil Haskell (Driver, Footman, Raccoon), Jessica Hershberg (Ella), Dan Horn (Driver, Footman, Raccoon, Woodland Creature), Adam Jepsen (Raccoon), Brandon Leffler (Driver, Footman, Woodland Creature, Raccoon), Sam Lips (Topher), Nathan Lucrezio (Jean-Michel, Lord Pinkleton, Woodland Creature), Shina Ann Morris (Fox, Lady of Ridicule, Raccoon), Jeff Pew (Topher), Sean Ronayne (Topher), Conor Ryan (Topher).

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