Hilton Theatre, (11/08/2006 - 1/07/2007)

First Preview: Oct 25, 2006
Opening Date: Nov 08, 2006
Closing Date: Jan 07, 2007
Total Previews: 22
Total Performances: 107

Category: Musical, Comedy, Original, Broadway

Opening Night Production Staff

Produced by Running Subway, EMI Music Publishing, Michael Speyer, Bernie Abrams, Allen Spivak, Janet Pailet and Spark Productions/Maximum Entertainment/Jonathan Reinis; Presented by Target; Associate Producer: Audrey Geisel and Joshua Rosenblum

Based on the production produced at the Old Globe Theatre (Jack O'Brien, Artistic Director; Louis G. Spisto, Executive Director); Originally commissioned by and produced at The Children's Theatre Company

Book by Timothy Mason; Music by Mel Marvin; Lyrics by Timothy Mason; Based on the book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss; Additional music by Albert Hague; Additional lyrics by Dr. Seuss; Music orchestrated by Michael Starobin; Vocal arrangements by Joshua Rosenblum; Incidental Arrangements by Joshua Rosenblum; Dance arrangements by David Krane; Musical Director: Joshua Rosenblum

Production Created and Supervised by Jack O'Brien; Directed by Matt August; Original Choreography by John DeLuca; Choreography Re-Staged by Bob Richard

Scenic Design by John Lee Beatty; Costume Design by Robert Morgan; Lighting Design by Pat Collins; Sound Design by Acme Sound Partners and Nevin Steinberg; Special Effects Designer: Gregory Meeh; Puppet Design by Michael Curry; Hair and Wig Design by Thomas Augustine; Make-Up Design by Angelina Avallone; Associate Scenic Design: Eric Renschler; Associate Lighting Design: D. M. Wood; Associate Costume Design: Nancy Palmatier

Executive Producer: James Sanna; General Manager: David Waggett and Running Subway; Company Manager: Heidi Neven; Associate Co. Mgr: Jolie Gabler

Technical Supervisor: Don S. Gilmore; Associate Tech. Dir: Bradley Thompson ; Production Stage Manager: Michael Brunner

Musical Coordinator: Seymour "Red" Press; Conducted by Joshua Rosenblum; Associate Conductor: Sue Anschutz; Woodwinds: Steven Kenyon, Robert DeBellis, Terrence Cook and John Winder; Trumpet: Christian Jaudes and Wayne J. du Maine; Trumpets: Phil Granger; Trombone: Wayne Goodman and Robert Fournier; Keyboards: Sue Anschutz and Mark Mitchell; Bass: Louis Bruno; Drums: Gregory Landes; Percussion: Dave Roth; Music Copying: Emily Grishman Music Preparation; Synthesizer Programmer: Bruce Samuels

Casting: Telsey + Company; Press Representative: Alison Brod Public Relations; Marketing: Tomm Miller; Advertising: Margeotes Fertitta Powell; Dance Captain: Kurt Kelly

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Opening Night Cast

John CullumOld Max
Patrick PageThe Grinch
Rusty RossYoung Max
Caitlin BelcikAnnie Who - White Cast
Nicole BocchiCindy Lou Who - Red Cast
Aaron D. ConleyBoo Who - White Cast
James Du ChateauDanny Who - White Cast
Eamon FoleyDanny Who - Red Cast
Kaitlin HopkinsMama Who
Libbie JacobsonBetty-Lou Who - White Cast
Caroline LondonCindy Lou Who - White Cast
Michael McCormickGrandpa Who
Malcolm MoranoBoo Who - Red Cast
Jan NeubergerGrandma Who
Heather TepeAnnie Who - Red Cast
Price WaldmanJP Who
Brynn WilliamsBetty-Lou Who - Red Cast
Jahaan AminLittle Who - White Cast
Kevin CsolakLittle Who - White Cast
Antonio D'AmatoLittle Who - Red Cast
Janet DickinsonCitizen of Whoville
Danielle FreidLittle Who - Red Cast
André GarnerCitizen of Whoville
Brianna GentilellaLittle Who - White Cast
Sky JarrettLittle Who - White Cast
Jess LeProttoLittle Who - Red Cast
Daniel MancheLittle Who - White Cast
Katie MichaLittle Who - Red Cast
Jillian MuellerLittle Who - White Cast
Josephine Rose RobertsCitizen of Whoville
Nikki RoseLittle Who - Red Cast
William RyallCitizen of Whoville
Molly J. RyanLittle Who - White Cast
Jeff SkowronCitizen of Whoville
Pearl SunCitizen of Whoville
Corwin TugglesLittle Who - Red Cast
Kelley Rock WieseLittle Who - Red Cast

Swings: Amy Griffin, Kurt Kelly, Lawson Young and Rafael Luis Tillis

Understudies: Jahaan Amin (Betty-Lou Who), Kevin Csolak (Danny Who), Antonio D'Amato (Boo Who), Janet Dickinson (Grandma Who), Danielle Freid (Betty-Lou Who), André Garner (Young Max), Jess LeProtto (Danny Who), Daniel Manche (Boo Who), Katie Micha (Cindy Lou Who), Jillian Mueller (Annie Who), Nikki Rose (Annie Who), William Ryall (Old Max, The Grinch), Molly J. Ryan (Cindy Lou Who), Jeff Skowron (Grandpa Who, JP Who) and Pearl Sun (Mama Who)

Awards and Nominations

Drama Desk Award

 2007 Outstanding Costume Design [nominee] 

Robert Morgan


music by Mel Marvin; lyrics by Timothy Mason
(Unless otherwise noted)

ACT 1 Sung By
Who Likes Christmas?Citizens of Whoville
I Hate Christmas EveThe Grinch, Young Max, JP Who, Mama Who, Grandma Who, Grandpa Who, Cindy Lou Who, Betty-Lou Who, Danny Who and Boo Who
Whatchama WhoThe Grinch and Little Whos
Welcome, Christmas
(music by Albert Hague; lyrics by Dr. Seuss )
Citizens of Whoville
I Hate Christmas Eve (Reprise) The Grinch
Once in a YearJP Who, Mama Who, Grandma Who, Grandpa Who, Citizens of Whoville and Little Who Ensemble
One of a KindThe Grinch
Now's the TimeJP Who, Mama Who, Grandma Who and Grandpa Who
You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
(music by Albert Hague; lyrics by Dr. Seuss )
Old Max, Young Max and The Grinch
Santa for a DayCindy Lou Who and The Grinch
You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (Reprise)
(music by Albert Hague; lyrics by Dr. Seuss )
Old Max
Who Likes Christmas? (Reprise) Citizens of Whoville
One of a Kind (Reprise) Young Max, The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who
Welcome, Christmas (Reprise)
(music by Albert Hague; lyrics by Dr. Seuss )
Citizens of Whoville
FinaleThe Grinch, Cindy Lou Who and Whos Everywhere
Who Likes Christmas?Whos Everywhere and The Grinch


AP: "The green meanie has all the fun"

The green meanie has all the fun, but then he is the most entertaining thing about the show with an impossibly long title: "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! - The Musical."

This "Grinch" - to shorten things a bit - has been a regular crowd-pleaser for nine seasons at the Old Globe in San Diego and now a version has shown up in New York for the holidays, running through Jan. 7 at Broadway's cavernous Hilton Theatre.

The production is brief, less than 90 minutes, and appetizing to look at since set designer John lee Beatty's wonderful Whoville houses resemble gigantic Ice-cream sundaes. But because of some ho-hum new songs, It's also a bit bland except when the Grinch, a deliciously dyspeptic fellow with green fur, is front and center.

The Grinch is played by Patrick Page who earned his villain stripes by portraying Scar in the Broadway production of "The Lion King." Page has a robust voice, whether speaking and singing. What's more he seems to be enjoying himself and his enthusiasm and show-biz flash rub off on the production, whose color palette trends toward an excess of red and white. Just Christmasy or a nod perhaps to Target, its corporate sponsor?

The story, for those who somehow have never heard of Seuss, concerns a creature who hates Christmas, most likely because, as the good doctor's classic children book says, the Grinch's "heart was two sizes too small."

So he decides to spoil the holiday for all the residents of Who-ville by stealing the children's presents and just about everything else connected with the festivities. But darn, if he isn't stopped in his tracks by little Cindy lou Who. There's more to Christmas than getting gifts.

This stage version by Timothy Mason has to compete with the memory of the delightful TV animated version, which had Boris Karloff as narrator and was first shown in 1966. We won't talk about the 2000 Jim Carrey film adaptation.

Several musical numbers from television have been retained here - "Welcome, Christmas" and "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch," and they still are the best songs in the show. The stage score, music by Mel Marvin and lyrics by Mason, is efficiently cheerful if not exactly memorable.

The Grinch's loyal canine companion, Max, is portrayed by Rusty Ross, who gets to perform the more athletic examples of John Deluca's spirited choreography. Some of the older Whos are impersonated by a group of reliable musical-theater performers including Kaitlin Hopkins, Michael McCormick and Jan Neuberger who are barely recognizable in their elaborate costumes and makeup.

And there is a narrator, too - an older version of Max played by the Tony-winning John Cullum, best known for his starring roles in such musicals as "Shenandoah" and "On the Twentieth Century." The actor gives yeoman support to this venerable tale celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.


Replacement/Transfer Info

The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Hilton Theatre

(11/8/2006 - 1/7/2007)

Standbys: Martin Van Treuren (Old Max).

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