Broadhurst Theatre, (6/11/1985 - 2/23/1986)

First Preview: Jun 04, 1985
Opening Date: Jun 11, 1985
Closing Date: Feb 23, 1986
Total Previews: 9
Total Performances: 295

Category: Play, Comedy, Revival, Broadway
Setting: Olive Madison's Riverside Drive apartment. The Present.

Opening Night Production Staff

Theatre Owned / Operated by The Shubert Organization (Gerald Schoenfeld: Chairman; Bernard B. Jacobs: President)

Produced by Emanuel Azenberg, Wayne M. Rogers and The Shubert Organization (Gerald Schoenfeld: Chairman; Bernard B. Jacobs: President)

Written by Neil Simon

Directed by Gene Saks; Assistant Director: Philip Cusack

Scenic Design by David Mitchell; Costume Design by Ann Roth; Lighting Design by Tharon Musser; Sound Consultant: Tom Morse

General Manager: Robert Kamlot; Company Manager: Noel Gilmore; Assistant Co. Mgr: Brian Dunbar

Production Stage Manager: Martin Gold; Stage Manager: Bonnie Panson; Technical Supervisor: Theatrical Services, Inc.

Logo Design: Joseph Bahl

General Press Representative: Bill Evans & Associates; Photographer: Martha Swope; Advertising: Serino, Coyne & Nappi; Casting: Meg Simon and Fran Kumin

With special thanks from the author to Danny Simon

Opening Night Cast

Rita MorenoOlive Madison
(Jun 04, 1985 - Nov 17, 1985)
Sally StruthersFlorence Ungar
Marilyn CooperVera
Kathleen DoyleRenee
Jenny O'HaraSylvie
Tony Shalhoub
Broadway debut
Jesus Costazuela
Lewis J. StadlenManolo Costazuela
Mary Louise WilsonMickey

Standby: David Ardao (Jesus Costazuela, Manolo Costazuela), Annette Miller (Mickey, Renee, Sylvie), Jenny O'Hara (Olive Madison) and Marilyn Pasekoff (Florence Ungar, Sylvie, Vera)


New York Daily News: "'Odd Couple' faces eviction"

You'd think Neil Simon's most popular comedy  - which premiered on Broadway nearly 20 years ago before showing up on both the large and small screens - would have exhausted its possibilities by now. And, apparently, it has. 

What's missing in the female version of "The Odd Couple," which came to the Broadhurst last night, is the oddity. Strain rather than amusing contrast is evident when Oscar, the slob, and his meticulous roommate Felix are turned into Olive and Florence. It's a little like having Joan Rivers do "Charley's Aunt" - what's the point? 

In the original, which was written from a male view point, touches of pathos neatly leavened the humor as the two divorced men (I think Felix was merely separated) found that living together was much more trying than living with their former mates. But the trim Rita Moreno, as Olive, doesn't rememble a slob in Ann Roth's becoming costumes, and the plump Sally Struthers, as Florence, her blond hair tumbling every which way, doesn't seem like the soul of fastidiousness even though Roth has dressed her as tidily as possible. 

The wonderful poker game that opened "The Odd Couple" back in 1965 has become a game of Trivial Pursuit, last year's fad - or was it the year before? And while this gives Simon a chance to pose his own bits of trivia, these are not all that funny. The other major change finds the two British airline stewardesses invited down from upstairs converted into a pair of Spanish airline clerks (Lewis J. Stadlen and Tony Shalhoub), allowing for a wearisome string of jokes based on their troubles with English and Florence's difficulties with Spanish. 

So the evening drones on with an occasional snappy Simonism. Still, there are too many flat and forced gags which director Gene Saks has helplessly tried to pep up with excessive mugging. Struthers, it turns out, has mastered a weird collection of grunts, groans, snuffles, sighs, honks and other assorted sounds. 

To be fair, both actresses are placed at an extreme disadvantage in trying to move this long and burdensome evening along. The best moments come from the other members of the Friday-night gathering, to whom some of the best lines are given. Marilyn Cooper's whiny-voiced Vera is the funniest and the three remaining members of this married foursome (Mary Louise Wilson, Jenny O'Hara and Kathleen Doyle) get their licks in, too. 

Designer David Mitchell's old, roomy Riverside Drive apartment looks just right (as did Oliver Smith's original one) but the wrong people are in it. You sit there wanting to call out, "Come back, Walter Matthau! Come back, Art Carney!" and "Come back, you Pigeon sisters, Carole Shelley and Monica Evans!"

New York Daily News

Replacement/Transfer Info

The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Broadhurst Theatre

(6/11/1985 - 2/23/1986)
Stage Manager: Steven Shaw(Jan 2, 1986 - Feb 23, 1986).

Press Representative: Sandra Manley, Jim Baldassare.


Debra Mooney
Audrie Neenan
During Sally Struthers' vacation
Florence Ungar
Jenny O'Hara
During Rita Moreno's vacation
Olive Madison (Aug 19, 1985 - Sep 6, 1985)
Brenda Vaccaro
Olive Madison (Nov 19, 1985 - Feb 23, 1986)

Standbys: Audrie Neenan (Florence Ungar, Mickey, Olive Madison, Sylvie, Vera), Lola Powers (Florence Ungar, Mickey, Renee, Sylvie, Vera).

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