A Musical Autobiography

Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, (12/14/1983 - 12/17/1983)

First Preview: Dec 01, 1983
Opening Date: Dec 14, 1983
Closing Date: Dec 17, 1983
Total Previews: 13
Total Performances: 5

Category: Musical, Original, Broadway

Opening Night Production Staff

Theatre Owned / Operated by The Messrs. Nederlander

Produced by Zev Bufman, Marge Cowan, Irv Cowan and Georgia Frontiere

Book by Peggy Lee; New lyrics by Peggy Lee; New music by Paul Horner; Musical Director: Larry Fallon; Vocal arrangements by Ray Charles; Music orchestrated by Artie Butler, Larry Fallon, Dominic Frontiere, Bill Holman, Gordon Jenkins, Philip J. Lang, Johnny Mandel, Billy May, Leon Pendarvis, Don Sebesky, Larry Wilcox and Tore Zito

Directed by Robert Drivas

Scenic Design by Tom H. John; Costume Design by Florence Klotz; Lighting Design by Thomas Skelton; Sound Design by Jan Nebozenko; Sound Consultant: Phil Ramone; Hair Design by Vincent Roppatte; Make-Up Design by Vincent Roppatte

General Manager: Theatre Now, Inc.; Company Manager: Michael Lonergan

Production Stage Manager: Larry Forde; Stage Manager: Mark Rubinsky; Technical Supervisor: Jeremiah J. Harris

Music Contractor: John Miller; Drums: Grady Tate; Bass: Jay Leonhart; Piano: Mike Renzi; Guitar: Bucky Pizzarelli; Music Preparation: Chelsea Music Services, Inc., Mathilde Pincus and Bob Holloway

Creative Consultant: Cy Coleman; General Press Representative: David Powers; Advertising: Ash / LeDonne; Photographer: Martha Swope and Susan Cook

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Opening Night Cast

Peggy Lee
Broadway debut
Peggy Lee
Mary Sue BerrySoprano I
Back-up Singer
Steve ClaytonTenor
Back-up Singer
Doris EugenioSoprano II
Back-up Singer
Rose Marie JunAlto
Back-up Singer
Brian QuinnTenor
Back-up Singer
David VogelBaritone
Back-up Singer

Swings: D. Michael Heath and Ellen McLain


music by Paul Horner; lyrics by Peggy Lee
(Unless otherwise noted)

(music by Johnny Davenport and Eddie Cooley; lyrics by Johnny Davenport and Eddie Cooley )
Daddy Was a Railroad Man
That Old Piano
One Beating a Day
That's How I Learned to Sing the Blues
Goody Goody
(music by Matt Malneck; lyrics by Johnny Mercer )
Sometimes You're Up
He'll Make Me Believe That He's Mine
Why Don't You Do Right?
(music by Joe McCoy; lyrics by Joe McCoy )
I Love Being Here With You
(music by Peggy Lee)
The Other Part of Me
I Don't Know Enough About You
(music by Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour; lyrics by Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour )
Angels on Your Pillow
It's a Good Day
(music by Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour; lyrics by Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour )
(music by Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour; lyrics by Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour )
What Did Dey Do to My Goil?
Sit Away from Louisville Lou
No More Rainbows
Flowers and Flowers
Lover (from LOVE ME TONIGHT film)
(music by Richard Rodgers; lyrics by Lorenz Hart )
Big Spender (from SWEET CHARITY)
(music by Cy Coleman; lyrics by Dorothy Fields )
I'm a Woman
(music by Mike Stoller; lyrics by Mike Stoller )
Is That All There Is?
(music by Mike Stoller; lyrics by Mike Stoller )
There Is More
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