Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, (3/30/1972 - 8/12/1972)

First Preview: Mar 28, 1972
Opening Date: Mar 30, 1972
Closing Date: Aug 12, 1972
Total Previews: 3
Total Performances: 156

Category: Musical, Comedy, Farce, Revival, Broadway
Setting: Two hundred years before the Christian era, a day in spring. A street in Rome in front of the houses of Erronius, Senex and Lycus.
Comments: For this revival, the song "Pretty Little Picture" was dropped from Act I and "Farewell" (sung by Domina) was added; the song "That'll Show Him" was dropped from Act II and "Echo Song" (sung by Philia and Hero) was added.

Opening Night Production Staff

Lunt-Fontanne Theatre General Manager: Arthur Rubin; Lunt-Fontanne Theatre Manager: Leonard Soloway

Produced by David Black and Larry Blyden; Produced in association with Seymour Vall and Henry Honeckman

As originally presented at the Center Theatre Group / Ahmanson Theatre (Robert Fryer, Artistic Director)

Music by Stephen Sondheim; Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; Book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart; Based on the plays of Plautus; Musical and vocal direction by Milton Rosenstock; Music orchestrated by Irwin Kostal and Sid Ramin; Dance arrangements by Hal Schaefer; Additional dance music by Richard De Benidictis

Directed by Burt Shevelove; Choreographed by Ralph Beaumont

Scenic Design by James Trittipo; Costume Design by Noel Taylor; Lighting Design by H. R. Poindexter; Hair Design by Dorman Allison; Costumes executed by Western Costume Company; Scenery excuted by Center Theatre Group Scenic Studios

General Manager: Eugene Wolsk and Emanuel Azenberg

Stage Manager: Scott Jackson

Production Associate: Jose Véga; Photographer: Steven Keull; General Press Representative: Betty Lee Hunt Associates, Inc.; Press Associate: Henry Luhrman; Advertising: The Blaine Thompson Company

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Opening Night Cast

Phil SilversPrologus
an actor
slave to Hero
Carl BallantineLycus
a buyer and seller of courtesans
Larry BlydenHysterium
slave to Senex and Domina
Pamela HallPhilia
a virgin
John HansenHero
son of Senex and Domina
Carl LindstromMiles Gloriosus
a warrior
Lew Parker
Did not perform opening night; role was played by Jack Collins
a citizen of Rome
Lizabeth PritchettDomina
wife of Senex
Chad BlockProtean
Sonja HaneyGeminae
a courtesan, one of a pair
Keita KeitaVibrata
a courtesan
Lauren LucasTintinabula
a courtesan
Trish MahoneyGeminae
a courtesan, one of a pair
Gloria MillsPanacea
a courtesan
Reginald OwenErronius
a citizen of Rome
Joe RossProtean
Charlene RyanGymnasia
a courtesan
Bill StarrProtean

Understudies: Chad Block (Miles Gloriosus), Barbara Brown (Philia), Patti Karr (Domina, Geminae, Gymnasia, Tintinabula, Vibrata), Joe Ross (Hysterium), Patrick Spohn (Protean) and Bill Starr (Hero)

Awards and Nominations

Tony Award®

winner 1972 Best Actor in a Musical [winner] 

Phil Silvers

winner 1972 Best Featured Actor in a Musical [winner] 

Larry Blyden

 1972 Best Direction of a Musical [nominee] 

Burt Shevelove


music by Stephen Sondheim; lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Comedy TonightPrologus (an actor), Proteans and Company
FarewellDomina (wife of Senex)
Love, I HearHero (son of Senex and Domina)
FreePseudolus (slave to Hero) and Hero (son of Senex and Domina)
The House of Marcus LycusLycus (a buyer and seller of courtesans), Pseudolus (slave to Hero) and Courtesans
LovelyPhilia (a virgin) and Hero (son of Senex and Domina)
Everybody Ought to Have a MaidSenex (a citizen of Rome), Pseudolus (slave to Hero), Hysterium (slave to Senex and Domina) and Lycus (a buyer and seller of courtesans)
I'm CalmHysterium (slave to Senex and Domina)
ImpossibleSenex (a citizen of Rome) and Hero (son of Senex and Domina)
Bring Me My BrideMiles Gloriosus (a warrior), Pseudolus (slave to Hero), Courtesans and Proteans
That Dirty Old ManDomina (wife of Senex)
Echo SongPhilia (a virgin) and Hero (son of Senex and Domina)
Lovely (Reprise) Pseudolus (slave to Hero) and Hysterium (slave to Senex and Domina)
Funeral Sequence and DanceMiles Gloriosus (a warrior), Pseudolus (slave to Hero), Courtesans and Proteans
Comedy Tonight (Reprise) Company

Replacement/Transfer Info

The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Lunt-Fontanne Theatre

(3/30/1972 - 8/12/1972)


John Bentley
an actor
slave to Hero
Jack Collins
Went on for Lew Parker on opening night
a citizen of Rome
Mort Marshall
a citizen of Rome
Tom Poston
an actor
slave to Hero

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