Lyceum Theatre, (3/31/1970 - 8/01/1970)

Opening Date: Mar 31, 1970
Closing Date: Aug 01, 1970
Total Previews: 8
Total Performances: 143

Category: Play, Original, Broadway
Setting: Liverpool; Dublin; aboard a ship in Hollesley Bay. 1939.

Opening Night Production Staff

Theatre Owned / Operated by The Shubert Organization

Produced by Michael McAloney and Burton C. Kaiser; Produced in association with The Abbey Theatre of Dublin; Associate Producer: Joyce Sloane

Based on a book by Brendan Behan; Adapted for the stage by Frank McMahon

Directed by Tomas MacAnna

Production Design by Tomas MacAnna; Scenic Supervision: Neil Peter Jampolis; Lighting Design by Neil Peter Jampolis; Costume Supervision: Robert Fletcher; Prod. Assistant to Mr. Jamopolis: Judith Binus

General Manager: Richard Horner; Company Manager: Al Jones

Production Stage Manager: William Ross; Stage Manager: Bernard Pollock and William G. Johnson

General Press Representative: Lee Solters and Harvey B. Sabinson; Press Representative: Stanley F. Kaminsky; Assistant to the Producer: Roslyn Dickens; Advertising: Ingram Ash and Blaine-Thompson; Original portrait of Brendan Behan used in the production and all cover and poster art by LeRoy Neiman

Opening Night Cast

Frank GrimesYoung Behan
Bruce HeighleyCharlie Millwall
Niall ToibinBrendan Behan
Francis BethencourtMr. Whitbread
First Warder
Mairin D. O'SullivanMrs. Gildea
Norman AllenHartigan
Prisoner at Walton
a Borstal Boy
Don BillettI.R.A. Man
Prisoner at Walton
a Borstal Boy
Amy BurkWarder's Wife
Michael CahillI.R.A. Man
a Borstal Boy
George ConnollyKen Jones
a Borstal Boy
Phyllis CraigLiverpool landlady
Marilyn CrawleyEnsemble
Roslyn DickensEnsemble
Brendan FayI.R.A. Man
Library Warder
Voice of the Judge
Emigration Official
Liam GannonI.R.A. Man
Prisoner at Walton
a Borstal Boy
Peter HockEnsemble
Terry LomaxBrownie
Prisoner at Walton
a Borstal Boy
John MacKayThe Inspector
Prison Governor
Patricia McAnenySheila
Kenneth McMillanTubby
Prisoner at Walton
Drout MillerJames
Prisoner at Walton
a Borstal Boy
Don PerkinsItalian Priest
Arthur RobertsMr. Holmes
Second Warder
Welsh Warder
Dean SantoroDetective Vereker
a Borstal Boy
Stephen ScottPrison Chaplain
Governor of Borstal
Tom SignorelliEnsemble
Joseph WarrenThe Sergeant
Warder O'Shea
James WoodsDale
Prisoner at Walton
Tom Meadows
a Borstal Boy
Richard YankoEnsemble
Richard YessoEnsemble

Understudies: Norman Allen (Charlie Millwall), Amy Burk (Girl in court, Sheila), George Connolly (Young Behan), Marilyn Crawley (Liverpool landlady, Mrs. Gildea), Roslyn Dickens (Warder's Wife), Brendan Fay (Brendan Behan, Cook), Peter Hock (Italian Priest, Jock, Joe, Ken Jones), John MacKay (Emigration Official, Governor of Borstal, Warder O'Shea), Kenneth McMillan (Library Warder, Prison Chaplain), Drout Miller (I.R.A. Man), Don Perkins (Prison Governor, Tubby), Dean Santoro (Dale, Voice of the Judge), Stephen Scott (The Inspector, The Sergeant), Tom Signorelli (Brownie, Harty, James, Shaggy), James Woods (Callan), Richard Yanko (Detective Vereker, Mr. Holmes, Rivers, Welsh Warder) and Richard Yesso (Chewlips, Cragg, Tom Meadows)

Awards and Nominations

Tony Award®

winner 1970 Best Play [winner] 

Written by Frank McMahon; Produced by Michael McAloney and Burton C. Kaiser

 1970 Best Actor in Play [nominee] 

Frank Grimes

 1970 Best Direction of a Play [nominee] 

Tomas MacAnna

Drama Desk Award

winner 1970 Outstanding Performance [winner] 

Frank Grimes and Niall Toibin

Replacement/Transfer Info

The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Lyceum Theatre

(3/31/1970 - 8/1/1970)
Press Representative: Jay Russell; Stunt Coordinator: Peter Hock; Assistant to the Producer: Margery Tseng.


Amy Burk
Helena Carroll
Mrs. Gildea
George Connolly
Young Behan
Roslyn Dickens
Warder's Wife
Peter Hock
Borstal Priest
Ken Jones
a Borstal Boy
Library Warder
Bob Horen
Emigration Official
Prisoner at Walton
Voice of the Judge
Robert Horen
I.R.A. Man
David Matson
Emigration Official
a Borstal Boy
Library Warder
Prisoner at Walton
Dean Santoro
Mr. Whitbread
First Warder
Richard Yanko
Detective Vereker
Richard Yesso
a Borstal Boy

Standbys: George Connolly (Young Behan), Terry Lomax (Young Behan), Kenneth McMillan (Brendan Behan).

Understudies: Amy Burk (Warder's Wife), Roslyn Dickens (Sheila), Peter Hock (Chewlips, Library Warder), Bob Horen (Callan, Cook, Joe, Library Warder, Minister, Mr. Holmes, Prison Governor, Tubby), John MacKay (Mr. Whitbread), David Matson (Borstal Priest, Cragg, Detective Vereker, James, Jock, Minister, Prison Chaplain), Tom Signorelli (Dale, Tom Meadows), Richard Yesso (Joe).

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