Music Box Theatre, (2/03/1970 - 2/28/1970)

Opening Date: Feb 03, 1970
Closing Date: Feb 28, 1970
Total Previews: 1
Total Performances: 23

Category: Special, Solo, Concert, Original, Broadway

Opening Night Production Staff

Produced by Norman Twain; Produced in association with Albert I. Fill

Featuring songs by Charles Aznavour; Musical Director: Henri Byrs; Additional lyrics by J. Davis, G. Gavarantz, T. Veran and P. Roche; Additional music by J. Plante and F. Dorin; Lyrics translated by: B. Morrisson, H. Kretzmer, Benjamin M. Kaye, R. Deleon, G. Lees, M. Stellman and D. Newburg

General Manager: Sherman Gross

Production Supervisor: Leon Sanossian

Music Contractor: Herbert Harris; Conducted by Henri Byrs; Trumpet and Fleugelhorn: Alan Rubin and Randal Brecker; Pianist: Henri Byrs; Trombone: David Barageron and Harry Di Vito; Tenor Sax and Flute: Lewis Trabackin; Baritone Sax and Bass Clarinet: Jerome Richardson; Organ and Piano: Patrick Rebillot; Fender Bass: Herb Bushler; Guitar: Robert Mann; Drums: Allan Schwartzberg

Advertising: Fred Golden and The Blaine Thompson Company; General Press Representative: Frank Goodman and Les Schecter

Opening Night Cast

Charles Aznavour


music by Charles Aznavour; lyrics by Charles Aznavour
(Unless otherwise noted)

Le Tamos
(lyrics by J. Davis)
I Will Give To You
(lyrics by B. Morrisson)
Happy Anniversary
(lyrics by H. Kretzmer)
We'll Drift Away
(lyrics by G. Gavarantz and B. M. Kaye)
Le Toreador
Sunday's Not My Day
(lyrics by T. Veran and B. Morrisson)
Apaga La Luz
(lyrics by R. Deleon)
(lyrics by R. Deleon)
I Will Warm Your Heart
(lyrics by G. Lees)
To My Daughter
(lyrics by B. Morrisson)
Et Pourtant
(lyrics by G. Gavarantz)
The Wine of Youth
(lyrics by B. Morrisson)
Yesterday When I Was Young
(lyrics by H. Kretzmer)
(lyrics by H. Kretzmer)
It Will Be My Day
(lyrics by B. Morrisson)
Venice Dressed in Blue
(music by F. Dorin; lyrics by B. M. Kaye )
La Boheme
(music by J. Plante; lyrics by B. M. Kaye )
August Days in Paree
(lyrics by G. Gavarantz and D. Newburg)
Les Comediens
(music by J. Plante; lyrics by G. Gavarantz and D. Newburg )
And I In My Chair
(lyrics by D. Newburg)
You've Got to Learn
(lyrics by M. Stellman)
Les Bons Moments
(lyrics by M. Stellman)
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