Minskoff Theatre, (3/13/1973 - 9/07/1974)

First Preview: Mar 01, 1973
Opening Date: Mar 13, 1973
Closing Date: Sep 07, 1974
Total Previews: 13
Total Performances: 594

Category: Musical, Comedy, Revival, Broadway
Description: A musical in three acts
Setting: The piano store; the music room of the Marshall estate; 9th Avenue; Madame Lucy's salon; the Palais Royale; outside the marquee tent; the Italian garden.

Opening Night Production Staff

Theatre Owned / Operated by Minskoff Organization; Minskoff Theatre Managing Director: Albert W. Selden; Minskoff Theatre General Manager: Walter Fried; Minskoff Theatre Manager: Gino Giglio

Produced by Harry Rigby, Albert W. Selden and Jerome Minskoff; Associate Producer: Steven Beckler

Music by Harry Tierney; Lyrics by Joseph McCarthy; Additional lyrics by Charles Gaynor, Otis Clements and Jack Lloyd; Additional music by Charles Gaynor and Otis Clements; Book by Hugh Wheeler and Joseph Stein; Book from an adaptation by Harry Rigby; Based on the original play by James Montgomery; Music and Vocal Direction: Jack Lee; Music orchestrated by Ralph Burns; Dance arrangements by Wally Harper; Incidental music by Wally Harper

Directed by Gower Champion; Musical Staging by Peter Gennaro

Scenic Design by Raoul Pène Du Bois; Costume Design by Raoul Pène Du Bois; Miss Reynolds' costumes by Irene Sharaff; Lighting Design by David F. Segal; Sound Design by Tony Alloy; Make-Up Design by Nicholas Guerico; Hair Design by Ted Azar; Hairstyles: Tony Marrero and Masarone; Debbie Reynolds' hairstyles by Pinky Babajian

General Manager: Walter Fried; Company Manager: G. Warren McClane

Production Stage Manager: James Gelb; Stage Manager: Robert Schear; Technical Director: John Higgins

Music Consultant: Joseph A. McCarthy; Musical Coordinator: Joseph A. McCarthy; Music Contractor: Marty Grupp; Music Preparation Supervisor: Mathilde Pincus and Al Miller

Vocal Consultant to Debbie Reynolds: Nora Dunfee; General Press Representative: John Springer Associates; Press Representative: Ruth Cage; Production Associate: Constance Montgomery; Casting Director: Wendy Mackenzie; Dance Captain: Mary Ann Niles; Advertising: The Blaine Thompson Company and Mike Mones; Photographer: Friedman-Abeles; Production Coordinator: Maggie Minskoff

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Opening Night Cast

Debbie Reynolds
Broadway debut
Irene O'Dare
(Mar 01, 1973 - Feb 02, 1974)
George S. IrvingMadame Lucy
Patsy KellyMrs. O'Dare
Monte MarkhamDonald Marshall
Ruth WarrickEmmeline Marshall
Carmen AlvarezHelen McFudd
Meg BussertDebutante
Trudy CarsonDebutante
Paul CharlesNinth Avenue Fella
Arlene ColumboDebutante
Dennis EdenfieldNinth Avenue Fella
David EvansNinth Avenue Fella
Carrie Fisher
Broadway debut
Bob FreschiClarkson
Ninth Avenue Fella
Dorothy Wyn GehganDebutante
John HamiltonNinth Avenue Fella
Bruce LeaJimmy O'Flaherty
Ninth Avenue Fella
Frances Ruth LeaDebutante
Swing Dancer
Jeanne LehmanDebutante
Joe LordenNinth Avenue Fella
Bryan NicholasNinth Avenue Fella
Kate O'BradyArabella Thornsworthy
Julie ParsDebutante
Pamela PeadonDebutante
Ted PughOzzie Babson
Robert RayowNinth Avenue Fella
Dennis RothNinth Avenue Fella
Kenn ScaliceNinth Avenue Fella
Swing Dancer
Ron SchwinnNinth Avenue Fella
Janie SellJane Burke
David SteeleNinth Avenue Fella
Albert StephensonNinth Avenue Fella
Pat TrottDebutante
Sandra VorisDebutante
Jeanette WilliamsonDebutante
Penny WorthDebutante

Standby: Emory Bass (Madame Lucy) and Justine Johnston (Emmeline Marshall, Mrs. O'Dare)

Understudies: Bob Freschi (Ozzie Babson), Dorothy Wyn Gehgan (Jane Burke), John Hamilton (Donald Marshall), Janie Sell (Irene O'Dare) and Penny Worth (Helen McFudd)

Awards and Nominations

Tony Award®

 1973 Best Actress in a Musical [nominee] 

Debbie Reynolds

winner 1973 Best Featured Actor in a Musical [winner] 

George S. Irving

 1973 Best Featured Actress in a Musical [nominee] 

Patsy Kelly

 1973 Best Choreography [nominee] 

Musical Staging by Peter Gennaro

Theatre World

winner 1973 Award [recipient] 

Monte Markham


music by Harry Tierney; lyrics by Joseph McCarthy
(Unless otherwise noted)

ACT 1 Sung By
The World Must Be Bigger Than an Avenue
(music by Wally Harper; lyrics by Jack Lloyd )
Irene O'Dare
The Family TreeMrs. Marshall and Debutantes
Alice Blue GownIrene O'Dare
They Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me
(music by Fred Fisher)
Madame Lucy and Debutantes
An Irish Girl
(music by Charles Gaynor; lyrics by Otis Clements )
Irene O'Dare and Company
Stepping on Butterflies
(music by Wally Harper)
Madame Lucy, Irene O'Dare, Helen McFudd and Jane Gilmour
Mother Angel Darling
(music by Charles Gaynor; lyrics by Charles Gaynor )
Irene O'Dare and Mrs. O'Dare
The Riviera Rage
(music by Wally Harper; lyrics by Charles Gaynor )
Irene O'Dare and Company
ACT 2 Sung By
The Last Part of Every PartyCompany
We're Getting Away With ItMadame Lucy, Helen McFudd, Jane Gilmour and Ozzie Babson
IreneIrene O'Dare and Company
The Great Lover Tango
(music by Otis Clements; lyrics by Charles Gaynor )
Donald Marshall, Helen McFudd and Jane Gilmour
You Made Me Love You
(music by James Monaco)
Irene O'Dare and Donald Marshall
You Made Me Love You (Reprise)
(music by James Monaco)
Madame Lucy and Mrs. O'Dare

Replacement/Transfer Info

The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Minskoff Theatre

(3/13/1973 - 9/7/1974)
Directed by John Gielgud.

Press Representative: Henry Luhrman.


Don Bonnell
Ninth Avenue Fella
Ralph Braun
Ninth Avenue Fella
Wayne Cilento
Ninth Avenue Fella
Arlene Columbo
Swing Dancer
Hans Conried
Madame Lucy
Christy Curtis
Linda Edelman
Judy Endacott
Jean Even
Mary Flowers
Dottie Frank
Jane Burke
Gary Gendell
Ninth Avenue Fella
Swing Dancer
Bette Glenn
Olivia Hahn
Ron Husmann
Donald Marshall (May 31, 1973 - ?)
Stephanie James
J. J. Jepson
Jimmy O'Flaherty
Ninth Avenue Fella
Patti Karr
Helen McFudd
Linda Kinnaman
Marybeth Kurdock
Bobbi Lange
Merilee Magnuson
Debutante (circa. Aug 1974 - Sep 8, 1974)
Mary McCarty
Mrs. O'Dare (Aug 2, 1973 - ?)
Jacqueline Payne
Stan Picus
Ninth Avenue Fella
Jane Powell
Broadway debut
Irene O'Dare (Feb 4, 1974 - Aug 31, 1974)
Debbie Reynolds
Irene O'Dare (Sep 2, 1974 - Sep 7, 1974)
Kathryn Sandy
Steve Short
Ninth Avenue Fella
Karen Weeden
Jane Burke
Penny Worth
Helen McFudd
Wendy Worth

Standbys: Mary McCarty (Mrs. O'Dare).

Understudies: Arlene Columbo (Helen McFudd), Jean Even (Helen McFudd), Bette Glenn (Jane Burke), Pamela Peadon (Irene O'Dare), Donegan Smith (Donald Marshall).

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