Richard Rodgers Theatre, (11/30/2000 - 5/20/2001)

First Preview: Nov 01, 2000
Opening Date: Nov 30, 2000
Closing Date: May 20, 2001
Total Previews: 34
Total Performances: 198

Category: Musical, Comedy, Original, Broadway

Opening Night Production Staff

Theatre Owned / Operated by The Nederlander Organization (James M. Nederlander: Chairman; James L. Nederlander: President)

Produced by SFX Theatrical Group, Barry & Fran Weissler and Universal Studios; Produced in association with Kardana-Swinsky Productions, Hal Luftig and Michael Watt

Book by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty; Music by Stephen Flaherty; Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens; Conceived by Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty and Eric Idle; Based on the works of Dr. Seuss; Music orchestrated by Doug Besterman; Musical Director: David Holcenberg; Dance arrangements by David Chase; Vocal arrangements by Stephen Flaherty

Uncredited direction by Rob Marshall; Choreographed by Kathleen Marshall; Associate Director: Stafford Arima; Associate Choreographer: Robert Ashford and Joey Pizzi

Scenic Design by Eugene Lee; Costume Design by William Ivey Long; Lighting Design by Natasha Katz; Sound Design by Jonathan Deans; Hair and Wig Design by Paul Huntley; Uncredited Scenic Design by Tony Walton; Associate Scenic Design: Larry Gruber; Associate Costume Design: Scott Traugott

Executive Producer: Gary Gunas and Alecia Parker; General Manager: Alan Wasser Associates; Company Manager: Lizbeth Cone

Scenic Design Coordinator: Larry Gruber; Production Supervisor: Bonnie Panson; Production Manager: Juniper Street Productions, John H. Paull, III and Hillary Blanken; Stage Manager: Andrew Fenton and Joshua Halperin

Musical Coordinator: John Miller; Conducted by David Holcenberg; Associate Conductor: Steve Marzullo; Concertmistress: Naomi Katz; Violin: Karl Kawahara; Viola: Maxine Roach; Cello: Stephanie Cummins; Woodwind: Paul Sundfor, Dan Willis and John Winder; Trumpet: Brian O'Flaherty and John Reid; Trombone: Larry Farrell; Guitar: Jeffrey Lee Campbell and Jack Cavari; Electric Bass: Francisco Centeno; Drums: Warren Odze; Percussion: Charles Descarfino; Keyboard: Steve Marzullo and Philip Fortenberry

Casting: Jay Binder and Sherry Dayton; Press Representative: Barlow-Hartman Public Relations; Dance Supervisor: Joyce Chittick

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Opening Night Cast

Kevin ChamberlinHorton the Elephant
Anthony Blair HallJoJo
Janine LaMannaGertrude McFuzz
Michele PawkMayzie LaBird
David ShinerThe Cat in the Hat
(Nov 01, 2000 - Mar 11, 2001)
Eric DevineGeneral Genghis Kahn Schmitz
Eddie KorbichGrandpa Who
Alice PlaytenMrs. Mayor
Sharon WilkinsSour Kangaroo
Stuart ZagnitThe Mayor of Whoville
Joyce ChittickCat's Helper
Jennifer CodyCat's Helper
Natascia A. DíazBird Girl
David EngelWickersham Brother
Sara GettelfingerBird Girl
Justin GreerCat's Helper
Ann HaradaMarshal of the Court
Catrice JosephBird Girl
Andrew Keenan-BolgerJoJo
Mary Ann LambCat's Helper
Darren LeeCat's Helper
Vlad Vladikoff
Monique L. MidgetteGrandma Who
Casey NicholawEnsemble
Tom PlotkinWickersham Brother
Devin RichardsJudge Yertle the Turtle
William RyallThe Grinch
Jerome VivonaCat's Helper
Eric Jordan YoungWickersham Brother

Swings: Shaun Amyot, Jenny Hill, Michelle Kittrell and David Lowenstein

Standby: Bryan Batt (The Cat in the Hat)

Understudies: Shaun Amyot (Cat's Helper, Vlad Vladikoff, Wickersham Brother), Sara Gettelfinger (Mayzie LaBird), Ann Harada (Mrs. Mayor), Jenny Hill (Bird Girl, Cat's Helper, Gertrude McFuzz, Marshal of the Court), Catrice Joseph (Sour Kangaroo), Michelle Kittrell (Bird Girl, Cat's Helper), David Lowenstein (Cat's Helper, Judge Yertle the Turtle, The Grinch, Wickersham Brother), Monique Midgette (Sour Kangaroo), Casey Nicholaw (Horton the Elephant, The Mayor of Whoville), William Ryall (General Genghis Kahn Schmitz) and Eric Jordan Young (The Cat in the Hat)

Awards and Nominations

Tony Award®

 2001 Best Actor in a Musical [nominee] 

Kevin Chamberlin

Drama Desk Award

 2001 Outstanding Actor in a Musical [nominee] 

Kevin Chamberlin

 2001 Outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical [nominee] 

Janine LaManna

 2001 Outstanding Music [nominee] 

Music by Stephen Flaherty


music by Stephen Flaherty; lyrics by Lynn Ahrens

ACT 1 Sung By
Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!The Cat in the Hat and The Company
Our Story BeginsThe Cat in the Hat
Horton Hears A WhoBird Girls, Horton the Elephant and Citizens of the Jungle of Nool
Biggest Blame FoolSour Kangaroo, Horton the Elephant, Wickersham Brothers, Bird Girls, Gertrude McFuzz, Mayzie LaBird, Citizens of the Jungle of Nool and The Cat in the Hat
Here On WhoThe Mayor of Whoville, Mrs. Mayor, The Grinch, Whos and Horton the Elephant
A Day for the Cat in the HatThe Cat in the Hat, JoJo and Cat's Helpers
It's Possible (In McElligot's Pool)JoJo, The Cat in the Hat and Fish
How To Raise A ChildThe Mayor of Whoville and Mrs. Mayor
The MilitaryGeneral Genghis Kahn Schmitz, The Mayor of Whoville, Mrs. Mayor, JoJo and Cadets
Alone In The UniverseHorton the Elephant and JoJo
The One Feather of Miss Gertrude McFuzzGertrude McFuzz
Amayzing MayzieMayzie LaBird, Gertrude McFuzz and Bird Girls
Amayzing GertrudeGertrude McFuzz, The Cat in the Hat and Bird Girls
Monkey AroundWickersham Brothers
Chasing the WhosHorton the Elephant, Sour Kangaroo, Bird Girls, Wickersham Brothers, The Cat in the Hat, Vlad Vladikoff and Whos
How Lucky You AreThe Cat in the Hat
Notice Me, HortonGertrude McFuzz and Horton the Elephant
How Lucky You Are (Reprise) Mayzie LaBird, Horton the Elephant and The Cat in the Hat
Act I FinaleFull Company
ACT 2 Sung By
How Lucky You Are (Reprise) The Cat in the Hat
Our Story ResumesThe Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, The Mayor of Whoville, Mrs. Mayor, JoJo, General Genghis Kahn Schmitz, Cadets, Gertrude McFuzz and Bird Girls
Egg, Nest, and TreeSour Kangaroo, Bird Girls, Wickersham Brothers, The Cat in the Hat, Cat's Helpers and Hunters
The Circus McGurkusThe Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant and The Circus McGurkus Animals and Performers
The Circus on TourHorton the Elephant
Mayzie in Palm BeachMayzie LaBird, The Cat in the Hat and Horton the Elephant
Solla SollewHorton the Elephant, The Circus McGurkus Animals and Performers, The Mayor of Whoville, Mrs. Mayor and JoJo
The Whos' Christmas PageantThe Grinch and Whos
A Message From The FrontGeneral Genghis Kahn Schmitz, The Mayor of Whoville, Mrs. Mayor and Cadets
Alone In The Universe (Reprise) JoJo and Horton the Elephant
Havin' a HunchThe Cat in the Hat, JoJo and Cat's Helpers
All For YouGertrude McFuzz and Bird Girls
The People Versus Horton The ElephantHorton the Elephant, Sour Kangaroo, Wickersham Brothers, Marshal of the Court, Judge Yertle the Turtle, Bird Girls, Gertrude McFuzz, The Mayor of Whoville, Mrs. Mayor, JoJo, Whos and The Cat in the Hat
Finale / Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!Full Company

Replacement/Transfer Info

The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Richard Rodgers Theatre

(11/30/2000 - 5/20/2001)
Directed by Frank Galati.

Associate Co. Mgr: Thomas Schlenk.

Stage Manager: Kenneth McGee.


Cameron Bowen
JoJo Alternate
Aaron Carter
JoJo (Mar 30, 2001 - May 13, 2001)
Michael J. Farina
Grandpa Who (Feb 2001 - May 20, 2001)
Rosie O'Donnell
During David Shiner's vacation
The Cat in the Hat (Jan 16, 2001 - Feb 10, 2001)
Cathy Rigby
The Cat in the Hat (Mar 15, 2001 - May 20, 2001)

Understudies: Michael J. Farina (Horton the Elephant).

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