New Amsterdam Theatre, (8/16/1927 - 1/07/1928)

Opening Date: Aug 16, 1927
Closing Date: Jan 07, 1928
Total Performances: 167

Category: Musical, Revue, Original, Broadway
Description: A revue in two acts

Opening Night Production Staff

Produced by A.L. Erlanger and Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr.

Book by Harold Atteridge and Eddie Cantor; Lyrics by Irving Berlin; Music by Irving Berlin; Musical Director: Frank Tours; Music orchestrated by Ferde Grofe, Arthur Gutman, Louis Katzman, Paul Lannin, Frank Tours and Roy Webb; Featuring songs by Bill Munro

Directed by Sammy Lee, Zeke Colvan and Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr.

Scenic Design by Joseph Urban; Costume Design by John W. Harkrider

Opening Night Cast

Jean Ackerman
Pirkko Ahlquist
Wilma Ansell
Jean Audree
Anita Avila
Franklyn Bauer
Dorothy Bauman
Leo Bill
Bonnie Blackwood
Antoinette Boots
Helen Hayes Brown
Genevieve Browne
The Brox Sisters
Gloria Bujee
Edna Bunte
Dorothy Burr
Bobbie Campbell
Eddie Cantor
Kae Carroll
Olga Chalmers
Peggy Chamberlin
Paul Chezzi
Lillian Clark
Babe Colby
Ripples Covert
Eileen Cullen
Mignon Dallette
Myrna Darby
Claudia Dell
Irene Delroy
Dorothy Donahue
Mary Donahue
Pauline Dove
Alma Drange
Anna Dumar
Cliff Edwards
Ruth Etting
Fairchild & Rainger
Murrel Finely
Grace Fleming
Lora Foster
Amy Frank
Vera Fredericks
Marie Gale
Rose Gale
Paul Ghezzi
Doreen Glover
Rita Glynde
Frances Gorton
Evelyn Graves
Velma Grimm
Edith Hayward
Dan Healy
Ross Hines
Edna Wallace Hopper
The Ingenues
Bob Ingersoll
Mary Irwin
Madeline Janis
Billie Jenks
Paula Jones
Bettye Junod
Helen Kaiser
Lily Kimari
Lydia Krashinsky
Kathleen Krosby
Ida Lanvin
Marjorie Leet
Frances Leighton
Marguerite Lichti
Claire Luce
Polly Luce
Marie Marceline
Margaret Mayer
Harry McNaughton
Beth Milton
Catherine Moylan
Bonnie Murray
Myrio and Desha
Marie Novak
Agnes O'Laughlin
Blanche Olsen
Peggy O'Neil
Nona Otero
Jessie Payne
Frank Phillips
Nickie Pitell
Alice Pleis
Louise Powell
William H. Power
Albertina Rasche Girls
Gladys Rennick
Anita Rice
Kathryn Ringquist
Virginia Roberts
Olga Royce
Lee Russell
Dorothy Ryan
Phil Ryley
Blanche Satchell
Bunny Schum
Mickie Seiden
Tommie Shannon
Frank Sherlock
Al Siegel
Mina Smith
Mina Sorel
Laura Standish
Cora Stephens
Jack Stevens
Wanda Stevenson
Norma Taylor
Andrew Tombes
Nildred Turner
Frances Upton
Blossom Vreeland
Florence Ward
Marion Wellman
Lucy Westgate
Gertrude Williams
Frances Woodward
Gladys Young


music by Irving Berlin; lyrics by Irving Berlin
(Unless otherwise noted)

We Want to be Glorified
Ribbons and Bows
Shaking the Blues Away
Ooh, Maybe It's You
Rainbow of Girls
It All Belongs to Me
She Don't Wanna
(music by Milton Ager; lyrics by Jack Yellen )
My Blue Heaven
(music by Walter Donaldson; lyrics by George Whiting )
You Gotta Have "IT''
(music by Irving Berlin and Eddie Cantor; lyrics by Irving Berlin and Eddie Cantor )
It's Up to the Band
Prisoner's Song (If I Had the Wings of an Angel)
(music by Guy Massey; lyrics by Guy Massey )
When My Baby Smiles at Me (from Greenwich Follies of 1919)
(music by Bill Munro; lyrics by Andrew B. Sterling and Ted Lewis )
St. Louis Blues
Learn to Sing a Love Song
Tickling the Ivories
The Jungle-Jingle
Now We Are Glorified
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